What do you want Better Explained?

I would like to see the complex number system better explained.

Thanks Tim, complex numbers are definitely on the list.

A post that explained C unions and structs and all the weird low level things you can do to them. (Like packing and things like this guy:
struct STRUCT {
unsigned int a:12;
unsigned int b:10;
unsigned int c:10;
struct STRUCT myStruct= {0xFED, 0×345, 0×3AB}:wink:

Linking that with endianess would be great!

Thanks, good suggestion. It’s been a while since I’ve monkeyed around in the bowels of C but am looking forward to getting my hands dirty again :slight_smile:

Love your posts, they’ve helped me. You are doing a great thing!! I hope they keep coming.

Thanks Brent, I’ll keep trying to crank 'em out. For some reason they take me a long time to write but I’m happy you’ve found the result useful :slight_smile:

I’d like to see an asymmetric cryptography introduction, with practical examples with gpg.

I loved your version control article!

@dukebody: Thanks for the suggestion, I think a crypto article would be fun to do.

Might the ultimate math-related challenge be to give a simple and intuitive explanation of E8 and why it is considered the “most beautiful mathematical object ever”?

Recently, E8 was the foundation of a radical new theory concerning the ultimate scientific quest of uniting gravity and quantum physics into single theory devoid of current contradictions and discontinuities. That new theory is described in a paper called “An Extremely Simple Theory of Everything” … and I read (looked at) the pdf file and it is not so simple to digest.

Nice idea you have with this web site!

Hi William, thanks for the suggestion! Yes, I saw the paper too and was also confused by it. It’s ironic that beautiful ideas need a lot of background info.

I’d love to provide an intuitive explanation of E8 (I’m sure it can be), but I’ll have to teach myself a lot of things on the way.

Thanks for the suggestion.

More math in just very primitive way…! math which is “not tied up with formula”…!! no more remembering those crap formula, (like your many articles)

love to read more, love to revise all basic math in new way…!

Very good work…!!

Could you better explain complex & imaginary numbers?

@Shreya: Thanks for the comment!

@Marc: Thanks for the suggestion – they’re definitely on the list. I plan on covering them fairly soon :).

I would like to see mind mapping better explained.

definitely more basic math! the same basic pragmatic hands-on style.

More combinatorics, stats, linear algebra, and calculus.
Something I am having a hard time getting right now are Stirling numbers. They’re explained simply, but there are many theorems and cool stuff about them that I don’t completely get.
Maybe your great writing and explanation skills can make them clearer and let me know their significance =)

Also it would be cool if you do know of some places to dig deeper, to list a resources section afterwards that you liked.
Of course, that’s only if you’re not planning on writing more about the topic …

@TYC: Thanks for the suggestion, mind mapping may be an interesting way to approach writing articles too.

@John: Thanks, there’s lots of math on the agenda :slight_smile:

@Timothy: Appreciate the suggestions! I was planning on covering stats, linear algebra and calculus. I hadn’t heard of Stirling numbers but they sound interesting. Yes, listing resources is a good idea, I’m often a beginner trying to make sense of the topics I dive into. Helping people dive deeper is always useful.

How about explaining regression analysis, its one topic i’m having a hard time understanding and ya if u could also slip in binomial and Poisson distribution, nothing like it!

Thanks Naushad, I think a lot of people are interested in stats. I don’t know that much about it (had a class a long time ago) but am interested to pick it up again :).