Math, Better Explained available on the Kindle Store!

Hi all, I wanted to announce that Math, Better Explained is available on the Kindle store!

If you're looking for a digital gift this holiday season, I know just the ticket ;).

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@Mark: Thanks for the kind words! =)

That’s awesome! Congratz! Bought my copy just now! :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve!!! :slight_smile:

How much of Amazon’s $9.99 will go directly to you?

Amazon gives 70% to the author if the ebook is 9.99 or under :).

This book should be read by anyone and everyone who is trying to bridge the divide between the computation of old and the realities of the new digital environment in which we all live. In the time it took me to write this note my wife (she rates the kindle) downloaded this incredibly insightful text. Read it…recommend it…then read it again.

sweet! Will be getting mine as soon as I put money on me card. I really like the cover btw!

@Tara: Awesome, thanks :). Glad you liked the cover, I went through a lot of variations and hoped to find one that was welcoming.

@Brian: Thanks! I’m looking into some print options now, actually :).

Does that mean it’s available on the Kobo? The Canadian Kindle?

When are you going to make a print version? I would order it in a heartbeat!

@Audrey: Great question – I haven’t yet published it to other stores (Kobo, Barnes & Noble). I’ll be updating the main ebook page to include this download though, so getting the deluxe version will include a .mobi and .epub file which should work with most e-readers.

nice one

Congratulations, Kalid!

After hearing about all your great work on this great project, I’m all the more happy for you! :smiley:


@Stan: Thanks =)

Kalid, since I found your website I got excited about maths. I want to get a book, but need to know if there is any difference in price between getting the e-book and the book printed. I´d like also to know if there is a difference between this new cover book and the other you are selling. Are they the same in content inside? Thank and Congrats.

Kalid, thanks for the help. What I really want is the Complete version. I will make the necessary efforts to get it as soon as possible. Thanks again.

Hi Mario, thanks for the note! Yes, the content is the various ebooks is the same. If you’re looking to print out a copy, I’d suggest getting the PDF version for $19 (which includes the Kindle version), since the PDF is formatted for easy printing (the Kindle version is optimized for being read on the Kindle, and has a much simpler layout). Thanks for the encouragement – hope this helps!

@Mario: Thanks, happy if I could help clarify :).