A Simple Introduction To Computer Networking

Most networking discussions are a jumble of acronyms. Forget the configuration details — what are the insights?

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Hey Kalid,
Good overview. Thanks for keeping it simple. Problem with simple is that all us cs geeks will nitpick. I hope that doesn’t happen and that the comments stay high level like your article. A quick follow up on how address resolution works would be fun. In the parlay or your article when I IM the screen name ‘penguinlips’ how does that name get resolved to my window on my laptop. That might bring the whole networking thing to light for a whole level of folks.
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Good to see an article on something different from maths. And I like your analogy of telnet to IM. Should make stuff easier to understand for most people.

I am not sure about the target audience but most novice people I have explained basics of n/w to are more interested in knowing:

a. What does IP Address mean?
b. What are Software Ports?
c. How does DNS Resolution work?
d. How does email work?

I understand that N/W is a very vast topic and cannot be summed in one blog post but you did a great job in introducing the basics. Its a good reference for newbies!

As always, great work! keep it up! :slight_smile:

[…] A Simple Introduction To Computer Networking | BetterExplained Most networking discussions are a jumble of acronyms. Forget the configuration details — what are the insights? […]

[…] 前几天,BetterExplained上有一篇文章,很通俗地解释了这个模型。我读后有一种恍然大悟的感觉,第一次感到自己理解了互联网的总体架构。 […]

@Mr. Rose: Yeah, the nitpicking is definitely the issue when talking about computer topics – there’s always a deeper level to talk about. I think the big thing for me is realizing what level of abstraction to stay at (just thinking about text) and then moving on once that layer is understood. Address resolution will definitely be on the list – also, planning on coming back to town in mid-April :).

@Prateek: Thanks for the support! Yep, it’s fun to vary up the topics sometimes, gives me an excuse to explore new things. I think IP address, DNS resolution and the like would be great topics to cover :).

[…] A simple explanation of networking : http://betterexplained.com/articles/a-simple-introduction-to-computer-networking/ […]

[…] 前几天,BetterExplained上有一篇文章,很通俗地解释了这个模型。我读后有一种恍然大悟的感觉,第一次感到自己理解了互联网的总体架构。 […]

As usual, one more fabulous article! Thanks Khalid. Yes, I wish you were my college professor in the first year at the engineering school.

@Bhagavan: Thanks!

Thanks for an excellent overview. Very helpful for me since I’m generally clueless about computer stuff but willing to learn. :slight_smile:

@Scientific Chick: You’re welcome, glad it was helpful – and being willing to learn is more important than knowing the answer :).

Hi Khalid,

Nice post, I like your posts.

Even though I know these things, but learning it in some other point of view is always good.

Thanks for writing such things by simplifying them.

Kiran Tikare

hello i would like to be student of networking and lear how to use servers

Thanks for explaining in such a easy language.

@naplan: You’re welcome!

Thank you for yet another great article! I love the way that you present complex ideas in an easily digestible format.

btw, I should mention that not all routers’ allow admin access via http. For example, Apple Airport Extreme requires the user to install the native config app on his computer. :wink:

@JH: Thanks for the kind words! Interesting, I didn’t know Apple required an app to configure your router – yuck.

[…] 前几天,BetterExplained上有一篇文章,很通俗地解释了这个模型。我读后有一种恍然大悟的感觉,第一次感到自己理解了互联网的总体架构。 […]

thank you for the quick crash course on computer networking. I have understand it well as compared to my profs lecture. :smiley: