How To Optimize Your Site With HTTP Caching

Hi Martin, thanks for the comment, glad you liked it.

it’s helped me to know cache well. thanks!

Cool, glad it was useful.

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You’re an angel!
All your articles will be cached up there in the Heavens for the enjoyment of the Gods :slight_smile:

Thanks Dave, appreciate the warm comments! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. I was searching to know about browser cache and then i finally got this. Once again Thanks a lot for your explaination.

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ALRIGHT HERES MY PROBLEM.every time i try to go on youtube it says “400 bad request,your broswer sent a request that this server can not understand” youtube used to work…but now it ownt would should i do?and how do i fix it!should i learn how to control my broswer request?

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Thanks, this is a great article! One question – is there any way of getting around the max-age=0 request header that Firefox sends upon an F5 refresh? It renders all my .htaccess goodness useless. Thanks!

@Karen: Good question, I didn’t realize Firefox did that on an F5. It seems the intent is to look like an entirely new visitor upon an F5 request (i.e. I don’t have any versions of any files), so I’m not sure if there’s a way around it.

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Great summary of caching, very informative and readable.

Thx for the detailed info.
But where i write the caching rules?
In a .htaccess file or in the header of the site or somewhere else?

Sorry, this is very new for me.

Regards, Michael

yes, I would also like to know where to place this info. I’m on an IIS server, so I know the rules are a little different. I am just having trouble understanding where to place, say, an http cache expires header for “logo.jpg”

This is an awesome tutorial, regardless-- THANK YOU!


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