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Sorry, some LaTeX testing since the forum doesn’t have a preview option…

Is the following an inline \displaystyle{e=mc^2} blah blah other stuff? (with displaystyle)

do these double dollar signs $$e=mc^2$$ make the LaTeX appear on a separate line?

does this (e=mc^2) notation from tumblr also work?

what about single $e=mc^2$ dollar signs?

Hey Kalid!

My name is Ray. I’m currently a math and education double major at SUNY Oneonta. I would love to see an article up here on one-to-one and onto functions. I’ve seen a lot of struggling over related definitions, applications and proofs in classes Real Analysis and Discrete Mathematics. As usual, I think what is most lacking is an intuitive grasp of the fundamental nature of what it is to be injective or surjective.
Also, I’ve really enjoyed your site and the book. It’s on my lists of “where to go when you have no idea what’s going on in class” and “places to look for good lesson ideas” so thanks for the help and keep it up!


Test latex


Yep, it’s still there:


I have a bunch of articles on there too, some of which I still need to bring over :).

Your old site? I didn’t know you had one. Is it still online? What’s the URL?

Love your approach and intuition based training. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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