Vector Calculus: Understanding the Cross Product

@Suresh: Thanks, it’s awesome to hear when it helps. I’d like to help other people avoid the frustrations I had, appreciate the kind words.

thank you for your explanation
but how we can find unit vector from a given points with out using cross product?

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! As an astronomy nut and physics student, I was terrified over my difficulty grasping the cross product. This is so much better than my professors and textbook

Thank you kalid sir it is very useful for us because you explain very beautifully. I think it is amagine… Again thank u so much.

I love this website, but i have some confuse
Why should we distinguish “The difference between North and East” from “The difference between South and East”. I mean just like dot product that only North and South. No other (like East)