Turn Huh? to Aha! and Build Lasting Math Insight

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I’ve been following your website for months now; this is excellent news! And since this is the first time I’m posting I just wanted to say thank you Kalid, this site has gotten me excited about math again.

I’ve been following you for nearly two years. I have several sources for my math explorations (I put them all on the collaborative blog). Still, I find the intuitive approach to the subject and lucid writing unparalleled. What really sets you apart is your excitement about discovery.

I work through your articles with my tutoring students who want to work outside their math curriculum. I eagerly open any new Better Explained article that hits my newsreader. Thank you, Kalid.

Awesome news!! Love your stuff. By chance, will there be a hard copy of the book too?

@Sebastian: Thank you for the kind words! You are more than welcome, and I’m really happy you were able to rekindle your interest :).

@Daniel: Thanks so much, it really means a lot to me when teachers are able to help other students learn. I get really excited when I finally get those breakthroughs and am thrilled they’re coming in useful – thanks again!

@Karmen: Thanks! I’d love to produce a hard copy of the ebook, I’m taking this as the first step to get experience with publishing :). If and when the hard copy comes out, I’ll do my best to make sure everyone who got the electronic copy gets a discount on the hardcopy as well.

I agree with your comments. I think this is a great idea and would like to see a hard copy one day :slight_smile: I myself am a victim of being a critic to the theories behind math, but this step up approach to understanding it from “outside the box” of number crunching is essential. Thanks Kalid!

I’ve been following your website for months.I think it’s great!

i just bought your ebook and as i was paying i got the idea that this could be a great concept for an iphone app or interactive ebook. i think its something you might want to consider depending on the book’s success.

Yes, this is great news. I’ve followed you for quite a while now and was recently thinking to myself that I wish you had a book that would incorporate website topics as well as others! Bought my copy today :slight_smile: Thanks for all your hard work.

@Valerie: You’re more than welcome! I’d love to see a hard copy too :).

@Meng: Thanks for the support!

@Hamad: That’s a great idea! I had thought about just reading the PDF, but there are so many more things you can do. Now you’ve got me thinking… :slight_smile:

@ktr: You’re more than welcome, thanks for the kind words and support!

That’s great news Kalid!! I really like your blog and your approach towards life & maths :slight_smile:

Your ebook will be a cherished collection in my library :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work! All the best!


@Prateek: Thanks for the note – I really appreciate your encouragement! :slight_smile:

What do you use for typesetting ? (Just curious).

@uwe: The ebook was created using Adobe InDesign. I hired a designer, James Wondrack, to make the template.

this will be money well spent.

You seem to link to the articles on the website from the book. It would be a good idea to to have those articles included in the book because its very annoying to click those links.

I’ve been reading this site for some time now. Keep up the good work!

@Maulin: Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I’ll be changing the links to be to the other chapters – I appreciate the note!

when can we expect a full version to be released?

@John: I’ve gotten some great feedback and am going to be doing some work to make the ebook very printer-friendly. I think there’ll be another beta coming out in early October, and assuming all goes well, the final version should be released near the end of that month or in early November.

Hi Khalid,

I’ve just come across your site by recommendation through reddit. I really appreciate the work you’re putting in. I know my maths as much as I need to, but I’ve just bought your ebook because you explain concepts better than I do to my students.

I hope to send you tips and feedback for the final version!