Slogan Contest: Help describe this site!

I'm looking for a site tagline, and would love your help. Just something to explain the site theme in a few words, such as:

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Learn right, not rote

I am very impressed by your approach. It has dogged me for years that knowledge shouldn’t be canned without the key attached, like the ancient sardine can. Sure you can get cuts if you’re not careful but you’re enriched.

Anyrate I have three subtle candidates for your slogan; all water metaphors:

Like water, a universal solvent
Like water, seeking the lowest level
Like water, simple and flowing

I love where you’re going with ‘Instacalc’. Were you able to trademark the brand? I thought it was in use about the era of VisiCalc.

Bon Courage!

How about ‘Making the complex simple’ ?

It is simple, to the point, and expresses what I like the most about Better Explained.

@james: thanks for the entry, I’ll add it in.

@sans: Glad you like the site, I’ll put in your entries. Instacalc didn’t have a registered trademark when I made the site.

@Joel: Thanks, that’s my favorite part of learning too - when difficult ideas suddenly click.

“How hard stuff really works.”

Keep up the good work. Nicely done.

Thanks Jim :slight_smile:

I like the your idea of making promotions easier and more fun. I thought it was a cool idea when I saw it, and I’d be interested in using it if I had a popular site/blog that would benefit from something like that.

Hi Mike, thanks for the feedback!

Hi Kalid,
I have found your blog in the feeds I got from one of my friends. From then, I became your blog’s regular feed reader. I have posted some slogans which came into my mind. Hope you will like them. :slight_smile:

Hi Nasir, glad you like the site! Appreciate the entries :).

Idea for a slogan! “, where no ‘proof is left to the reader’”. Or something along those lines.

Also, I think Euler’s Formula or Euler’s Identity would make a great topic for the future.

Great site, keep up the good work!

Thanks Andrew! I’ll enter your slogan. Yes, I’m itching to cover Euler’s formula as well – I just need to cover a few more topics (complex numbers, expansion of e) first :).

I was going to try something that de-emphasized rote learning, but James’ slogan is already perfect. Concise, clever, and right on target.

A couple thoughts for the slogan…

"Just like you. Only smarter.“
"Getting smarter without sounding nerdy.”

Hi guys, thanks for the entries.

kiss - keep it simple stupid

Simplifying even Occam’s Razor

Simple solutions for simple people (it just sounded funny hehe)

Simplicity is beautiful

Simple, Beautiful, Intelligent

You got 'lot of ‘splainin’ to do! (taken from I love Lucy)

Occam could have used this site were he alive.

Bringing Occam’s razor to the world.

“if you cant explain it simple, …you havent understood it yourself”.

“if you havent understood a formula in more than one ways…you havent understood it at all”

“Unexplained formulas is garbage…on a paper as well as in the mind.”

               ....!.........!..Albert Einstein.

May be not in slogans(for they are too lengthy)…but may be of some other use to one.