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After a few years, I thought it was time for a new layout. The goals:

BetterExplained isn't an authority lecturing you on facts: it's an excited friend sharing what actually helped when learning. I don't wan

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itz simply great

but when um gonna read “Rethinking Arithmetic: A Visual Guide”

“The stuck stops here.
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this ad blocks the view of 1st two lines ending.u should check that

So wonderful to read your work Kalid, as usual! I love the new look, although I can’t imagine how you could be more friendly, warm, readable, than you already were!

…and the time as I post is NOT 3:48 in the morning, just in case that makes me look a bit strange, it’s 7:48 in Mtl!

It looks very nice!

@tasnim: Thanks! I just fixed the layout.

@Audrey: Haha, I think I might need to fix up the timezone settings =). Appreciate the kind words! :slight_smile:

@Joe: Thanks you!

This is such an awesome site! I tell more and more friends about it everyday! I’m a physics student and it’s really motivating to read about new ways of thinking about ideas that I’m expected to know by heart! I hope you can do this forever, haha. Keep up the good work, it’s much apprecaited!

@Brandon: Awesome, really glad you’re enjoying it! (And thanks for helping spread the word :)). I’d love to keep doing this for as long as I can!

Thanks Anne! I think it might be an issue with the font not downloading properly, appreciate the bug report!

What are your credentials? College degrees?

@Kevin: There’s more about me on the about page ( Though I’ve done a lot of schooling for math, etc. that isn’t necessary to write about or enjoy the subject!

Looks great !

on a PC in Chrome at 1024x768 screen resolution it looks a bit off centered, but otherwise love the new layout!!!

@Aerodyno: Thanks, will have to check it out!

Finally, the design match the content of this awesome site.

Love the new layout!
Slight issue with title size when Javascript is turned off (Firefox):

@vasanth: Thank you!

@jacob: Thanks! :slight_smile: