Site Update: New Design + Intuition Cheatsheet

After months of work with the help of Neil, a great designer, and my Excel-blogging friend Andrew, I’m happy to launch a brand-new design.

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Thanks Dan. The closest I have is probably this:

But it’s a nice topic for more follow ups.

thank you. we could really use something on divisibility. Also, quora has some interesting common question topics.

Thanks Thomas! I’m planning on switching the comments over to forum threads as well. I totally agree, the comments are now getting unwieldy as you have to scroll through dozens :). I have an experimental setup of Discourse at, hope to make it live soon :).

Ehm, I meant Kalid of course :smiley:

Hi Dan, I love your website, and I like to see how more and more people have discovered it as well. Today each of your articles tend to be followed by a 5 times longer comments section!

However this comments section could be made much more useful, with people learning and teaching each other, if it was organized as a forum. There are many good ones for Word Press

Replacing each comment section with a section in the forum would help avoid duplicate questions, make questions easier to read and create communication.

You are busy of course, but just an idea :slight_smile: