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BetterExplained is about 2 years old, and what ride it's been. The best part about having a geek diary is interacting with other learning aficionados. My "to read" list grows longer by the week (not that I mind!) and I've received some fantastic recommendations.

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[…] Share your ‘Aha’s: | BetterExplained - Something as my idea to do a site where people post questions and other people post answers (but thas smells like a crappy forum) to study on it. […]

This blog has some good explanations on stuff like median,standard deviation etc. I wanted to post this in the list of favourite articles section of your blog. But did not find any option to do it. So, I am posting it here. Have a look:

Just the maths by A.J.Hobson is quite a good book that explains things in simple language.
It covers a wide range of topics -
Algebra, Series, Trigonometry, Hyperbolic functions, Geometry, Complex numbers, Detreminants, Vectors, Matrices, Differentiation and its Applications, Integration and its Applications, Partial Differentiation, Ordinary Diff Equations, Laplace Transforms, Z-transforms, Numerical maths, Statistics and Probability.

Awesome, thanks for the pointer!

Hi kalid,
Heres my website.
I currently have only one post on mathematics fully completed.