Print Edition of "Math, Better Explained" Now Available

I'm thrilled to announce the print edition of Math, Better Explained is available on Amazon:

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Is there anyway I could obtain the table of contents of the book?

Thanks Gordon, I’ve just emailed you.

@MS: Thanks!

@Matthew: Really appreciate the thoughtful comments. My goal was to share the book I wish I could have read when entering high school / college, really happy that resonated with you! Exactly, we often have to look at the history of an idea to figure out why it’s so useful. Teaching it in a vacuum, without any context, is not a great way to get a deep understanding. Appreciate the note!

Eagerly awaiting an iBooks version!

I got mine! Actually, I just ordered mine. Looking forward to reading it…

This is an excellent book. Actually for a deep understanding of the topics presented it is quite exceptional. I purchased this for my 12 year old son (math enthusiast) as I wished I had access to this when I was at school. A great feature of the book and website is discussion on how concepts (e.g. negative numbers, imaginary numbers etc.) emerged in history. In many cases this is a powerful approach to begin to reveal the intuition and one which I incorporate in my (medical and science) teaching. Well done and thank you Kalid.

Hi Rama, sure thing! Here’s the ToC:


  1. Developing Math Intuition
  2. The Pythagorean Theorem
  3. Pythagorean Distance
  4. Radians and Degrees
  5. Imaginary Numbers
  6. Complex Arithmetic
  7. Exponential Functions & e
  8. The Natural Logarithm (ln)
  9. Interest Rates
  10. Understanding Exponents
  11. Euler’s Formula
  12. Introduction To Calculus

Thanks for the support Mark – I’m happy to say the book got up to #660 overall on Amazon, and #7 overall in math! :slight_smile:

If you are a parent, a student, or a formal teacher you must buy this book. Really…you must. The textbooks and websites will come and go but if introduced to your high school student early it will open up a whole new world that only those with the most insightful of teachers are ever exposed.

i teach a few physics student and am a fan of your writing… i am willing to provide feedback if you could mail me a soft or hard copy of the book. thank you

I am interested in reading your book “Math Better Explained” and would be willing to supply you with feedback and support through sales to my private students. Perhaps you might consider forwarding me a paperback copy?

@dip ranjan chatterjee: Thanks, I’ll reach out to you!

Thanks! Hope to have the iBooks version out by the holidays :).

If I could obtain the “Introduction To Calculus” chapter of the book in PDF version in free, it would be much pleasure for me.

Hi Ratul, I don’t have a PDF, but you can check out the online article here: - hope that helps!

Forward me a paperback copy if you may. I really really need that.

^comment made no sense…
The book is not available in middle east.
How can I get this book?

Hi Usama, you can buy from Amazon (US or Europe) and have it delivered. Also, you can try buying it directly from the CreateSpace eStore, here:

Hope that helps!