Math Webinar Sat 6/19/2010 @ 2pm EST

Math seems to get magical in groups. "Maria Droujkova": organizes the awesome "Math 2.0 interest group":, which I found out about recently -- I'm bummed I didn't hear about it till now! There's a mailing list, webinars with prominent math aficionados (hosts of MathOverflow, Cut the Knot, Art of Problem Solving), and other activities geared towards improving the state of math education.

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Dear Kalid,

thanks for this awesome webinar. Just started the java-implemented Elluminate Live!

Considering true understanding comes with passing complex things in simple words, I totally agree. :wink:

Thank you for providing the record. I won’t finish it now, as it takes 150 minutes, but will feedback in the course of this week.


@R: You’re more than welcome, hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile: