Goals For the Forums

##Mission: Turn Aha! moments into intuition-first articles

Let’s find a workflow to move from a request, to a discussion about Aha! moments, to a full article.

The core steps:

  • Request a topic: What’s a topic you want to understand? A meal you’d like to eat? Use similar title in Wikipedia, such as LaPlace Transform.

  • Gather ingredients and discuss: Let’s reply with the Aha! moments that seem to work. What tastes good? Capture ideas from the community and wash/cut/refine them in replies. Request

  • Assemble the article: Choose the ingredients you like, and cook them into an article with your personal flair.

Participation Levels

  • Easy: just make a suggestion for a topic
  • Casual: Reply with your Aha! moments on a topic, or resources that are helpful
  • Involved: Cook up your own explanation from these ingredients

How is this different? (i.e., not Wikipedia?)

  • Teaching is about what you leave out, not what you contribute. A 10,000-word diatribe scares away newcomers but More Detail is Better ™ on Wikipedia.

    • What’s the Minimum Viable Intuition that builds understanding and enthusiasm?
    • Separate the core article from flurry of possible insights
  • Have a voice. Collaborative writing mixes perspectives, which removes a cohesive point of view. (Quick: name a beautiful, collaboratively-written poem or novel). The community is great for finding ingredients: let each chef combine them to their taste.

A few ideas, let’s see if we can prioritize them:

P0: Must have

  • Suggest new topics
  • Reply and communicate about Aha! moments
  • Create collaboration area for articles

P1: Good to have

  • Aha moments on a per-article basis
  • Have short, 140-character tweet-able insights. (Imaginary numbers: multiplication is rotation). These can be individually commented-on, voted-on, and refined.

P2: Nice to have

  • Host comments for existing posts
  • Q&A for existing blog posts
  • Colorized versions of popular equations? Can we collaboratively fill this out and get great examples of what these equations means?

Idea: Have “Guides”.

  1. Collect your individual insights

  2. Aggregate these into “official guides” for a topic. From

  • few seconds
  • few minutes
  • few hours
  • few weeks
  • few months

What types of insights should you aim for or expect?

What path is inherently motivating?