Build a site you (and your readers) will love

I’m thrilled by the recent attention and your feedback. Seeing your “Aha!” moments motivates me to write — though I’ve been neglectful lately. I’m busy, the dog ate my browser, the draft’s in the email… you know the drill. If you need an explanation fix, check out my old site from college:

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Just like your technical posts… superb!

Thanks Swati, glad you liked it! :slight_smile:

If you want to learn to write better, read Strunk and White’s Elements of style.

Thanks for the reminder, I like that book as well (I’m adding the link). “On Writing Well” was written by the mentee of White – it has a similar message, with more examples vs. a list of rules.

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Nice summary, Kalid. Having started my own blog a couple months ago, your words certainly ring true, especially the part about some articles just flowing out of the fingers whereas others really taking effort. All the effort certainly is worth it when you see from visitors’ comments that you’re providing a valuable resource.

Thanks Peter! Yes, interacting with visitors is one of my favorite parts of having a blog. It’s much better than keeping essays locked away on your computer :slight_smile:

I’m still trying to figure out how to turn the “no go” artilcles into the flowing ones…

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Kalid, This is one site that I don’t feel like to leave, want to read every word of it. Be it a math tip or about MVC or APR/APY. I’ve recommended this to my kid and his teacher. Very aptly named “Better explained”. Beautiful.

Thanks Murali! I’m happy you are finding the site useful, I’ll try to keep putting out new articles.

Hi there,
I your site inspired my greatly. I have been searching and looking for answer about my purpose in life. At school I always got excited about Physics but became scared when I saw the language to explains the ideas. I was at average 9 the highest in the class without studying but came up with creative solutions, these solutions were not acceptable because it didn’t have the mathematical language to describe them. So I decided again to study Theorical Physics but got scare when I saw the mathematics involved to explain thoses ideas. Then I accidentally discovered your website and found out that that the Mathematics that scared me suddenly became clear to me. I thank you very much for that!!!

Thanks Anthony, glad you are enjoying the site!

Thanks for the insightful post. I really enjoy your posts on math because it gets me thinking in ways I hadn’t before.

I enjoy computers and martial arts. I’d be thrilled if you took a look at my latest posts and commented.

Take care.

Hi Dan, thanks for the note. Sure, I’d be happy to check out the site, I enjoy martial arts and computers also :).

Thanks for taking the time to visit, and for the comment. I agree with you assessment and maybe one day I’ll figure it out. Until then…

I agree totally… do something you love because it makes it easier to think about it all day… and if you do that you will also increase the amount knowledge and skills and you will attract even more traffic to your site

About pacing yourself and editing:
Such is the mighty downfall of writers throughout time! Although I say that sort of jokingly, I really have to say that I agree with you that it is difficult keeping organized and on task. Creating an articles folder is a great ideas. I actually have a writing folder on the D:/ drive of my laptop. With in that, I have different categories, one of which is “Ideas” And I have some word documents with just a couple of words, thinking that I may someday get back to it. Also, if and when I get to a poem that I decide to “perfect”, I actually create a folder just for that poem, and every time I get to a point that I think I should save, I save as “Poem A Edit 1.” I can’t say that I’ve ever gone back to any of these edits (yet!), but it helps me keep myself unrestricted on editing. Once I start restricting my editing, I start getting writer’s block.

Anyway… I thought this may be an interesting thing to share!

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